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Monday, July 11, 2011

School & College girls dancing in Pakistan

Posted by Rana Gee

pakistani-girls-dancingOn YouTube you can see many school girls dancing in different schools of Lahore and Karachi Pakistan. By watching these videos we are uploading very soon one can feel that they are doing that for fun or in some college function. But some one have made their video through their cell phone and have uploaded it.

In Pakistani society girls dancing in schools is not acceptable by masses and when common people see these type of videos and pics they got afraid. Is this the education their daughters are getting from school. These kind of acts provide extremist elements like Taliban to protest against Girls Education in Pakistan. I am sharing few videos showing Pakistani girls dancing in their schools.This is not it there are many more video available on internet. Its point of thinking for all of us. We all have to play their role in stopping girls around us to stop stop doing these kind of things also the use of mobile phones should also be baned in educational institutes


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