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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mobile Number of Pakistani University Girl Maria

Posted by Rana Gee

First NameMaria
Last NameAnsari
BirthdayMay 23, 1992
Mobile Network/CompanyTelenor
AddressNuml University Hostel
Relationship StatusSingle
Facebook Email
Mobile Number

According to a recent study, in Pakistan there are more than 5 crore of the mobile phone users. Out of those 5 crore mobile number users, 15 to 20% are those who are under the age of 15. Then the major subscriber base of the mobile phone packages is between the age bracket of 20 to 35.
In the same study it is said that most the people above the age of 45 dont really k now as how mobile phone actually works and most of them are unable to even call. Most of the elder people dont know the functions of the mobile phone. They dont even know that even pictures and videos can be stored in the mobile phones.
Most of the girls have also got the mobile phone in Pakistan. Pakistani girls mobile numbers in 2011 have become a mania. Parents give their girls mobile phones because they want them to be more secure in case of emergency, but they dont know that it is basically a danger for their girls and that hurts.
Boys first give miss call to the girls and then send them sms and then pictures and from there the relations start. It is very dangerous and alarming trend and only parents can control it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

300 Married Pakistani Women Sleep With Fake Pir

Posted by Rana Gee

A Fake Pir exposed in Front Line with Kamran a program at Express News who had slept with more than 300 married Pakistani women for a baby boy. According to him all women were agree for this illicit act with him for having a baby boy because all were forced from their families to have a boy and they contacted this fake peer who offered them to have an illicit relationship with him to have a baby boy. Check the videos for further details.

SLAMABAD: A lecturer and a controller examination of the Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) have been forcefully retired on Saturday on charges of harassment against their female students a couple of months ago.The decision to forcefully retire the faculty members was taken in a meeting, while a formal notification will be issued shortly.

The meeting was chaired by vice chancellor of the university Masoom Yousafzai and attended by Supreme Court judge Nasirul Mulk, former federal Information Minister Khalid Kharal, Higher Education Commission (HEC) members and representatives of the cabinet division.

The decision was taken after an inquiry committee found the two faculty members guilty of harassment charges.

This interesting record break-en by girls of Karachi city, which was already held by Aussie students, Its pleasant news for a developing nation who hear these news rarely.Video as follows:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Multan Board Matric Part-I (9th Class) Result 2011

Posted by Rana Gee

Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Multan (Multan Board) has scheduled to declare secondary school certificate Part-I (Class IX) Annual Exam result on Aug. 22, 2011. The result will be available at the official website of BISE Multan 


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hot Videos of Pakistani Girls

Posted by Rana Gee

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